We are a fully loaded creative content production company based in Tokyo. Regarding what we can do for our clients, the sky is the limit. Although we specialize in everything from producing feature films to short films, our creative teams are also brilliantly talented at:

Film Distribution

Corporate Videos
Providing Branded Content & Collaborations
Post Production

Film Festival Submissions
Event Planning
And if that wasn’t enough, we are also very talented at helping you find investors that will make the project of your dreams come into reality.
Are you working domestically or internationally? Don’t worry, we got you covered with camera equipment and a crew that knows how to get the job done beyond your satisfaction.
We understand that in today’s world budgets are tight and we make it a point to impress our clients with the budget they are working with, our financial teams are good.

Feel flee to contact us and let’s schedule a meeting, we’d love to hear what we can do for you!

E-mail : job@localhost ark-ent.com